Return To Sender

I recieved a small package the other day, I have not opened it.

It was sent by an older version of myself to the me of today, and I know when I open the box it will show me my future in a grain of sand.

The Moon was full and high in the cloudy Winter sky last night, and a dear friend I have never known stood with me out in the cold, both of us mesmerized by the gift of this amazing light that shown through the darkness, a darkness that has filled my world this entire year.

As we stood there and watched Her play hide and seek with the clouds I found peace in silence and simplicity,  a peace I have not felt in hours or years, and all worries about my future ceased to be. 

I tossed the unopened package casually over my shoulder, the wind carried it to distant lands and future selves, marked “return to sender”.

I have the promise of another Full Moon,  and that is enough of the future that I will ever need. 



The small package marked “return to sender” travelled forward through the years, and found it’s way home.  The older woman let out a raucous laugh as she held the box, “return to sender” swelled her with pride of her younger self, and she laughed all the harder.  

When her laughter subsided she looked up to Winter sky and winked at the bright Full Moon as she tossed the package into the trashcan.  She inhaled the clear cold air and exhaled another thankyou to the goddess of the night sky, turned, and went back inside.


The Moon smiled back on them both, blessing them all the days of their lives.



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