Over and Out (bridge series? undoes #5)

“Do you never cry for us, Fraulen Haller, as you walk us between the railcars to the Death Chambers your Furher has built?” the gaunt Jewish woman asks while she kneels in the mud and bodily discharges her people are forced to live in.

“No” is Haller’s abrupt response. One of Few of the German Females to be promoted to an officer position in the SS,  Haller is proud of her duty to the Motherland, Her father’s beliefs cannot be questioned. 

“But it is not why you think” she adds as the jew is getting up for her journey to the end. “You, people, Jews, Gypsies, sodomites, you all believe in your own..afterlife? Your own god? You have souls, you are promised a place in time?” She frowns as she tries to determine if the jewess understood her broken Hebrew.

“Really?” the woman marked for death responds, a hint of hope as she is pulled from the muck and the chains.

“What is the Thing that would make you cry?”

“A dog, if I had to kill a dog just because there was, no..need? Not if sick or killer, just not wanted, that is a crying thing.” Haller responds in an almost childlike tone.


“They have no guides..they are here for us, we are there guides, they give up soul to come and love and help us, it is our duty to protect them, that I could not do.” Her response is final.

As the emaciated unwanted woman walks into the cement doorway she reaches back and touches the German Woman’s shoulder, she does not know if she forgives this Nazi soldier, or if she pities her, or curses her, she just needed to touch before there was nothing of this life.


Several weeks later Sgt Haller is ordered to exterminate the newest delivery in the very railcars, they are too high risk to be allowed out.  Sgt. Haller points her gun at the doors as they slide open.

“STOP!” Haller orders before she realizes she is out of line.

“I mean, I don’t understand, they are underfed dogs, why not just feed them?’

“Because they are the jews dogs and the faggots dogs and they are not OUR dogs, so put them down. That is an order!” The higher ranking male officer demands and does not wait for a response.

Fehlen Haller is torn, but she does what she is told, she is an officer of Third Reich, she always does what she is told.

47 starving wide eyed mutts are methodically shot in the head and she thinks she is done, but there is a whimper.  She shoves the bleeding carcasses over her wide shoulders and finds a bitch giving birth to pups, under all of the death this ridiculous she- bitch is trying to bring life, Here,  and one more shot is fired.

For a moment there is silence, the human death row inmates finally inhale, the killing is over for now, but they know that they will all be holding their breaths again very, very soon.

The SS Officer goes to check on Haller when he hears a gunshot. He enters the railcar to congratulate Haller for a job well done until he finds her holding the corpse of a dog and three strangled puppies.  He reports the atrocity to the Command Leader.


 The next day the German Military Forces are given a Memorandum, it simply reads:

 First Promoted Ranking Female Officer Sgt Aliisa Bretta Haller found dead by self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  She is declared an Enemy of the State and her name will Forever be stricken from our records.


 (author’s note: this deletes bridge series “over #5 alternate ending)

Words Inc.: (1) guide, (2) here, (3) between, (4) cry


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