Time Undone (bridge series #24 or #27)



The sound of thunder beneath her feet brought Illyria out of her reverie.

Her picture forgotten, she turned from the window and caught sight of herself in its reflection, blinked and continued on.

When she entered the Great Hall of Mirrors she could hear cries of fear from her brethren, but she was transfixed by the sight of her perfectly round emerald green eyes in the shards that were falling to the ground. 

She knelt down in the broken glass and blinked at herself, and then blinked again.

Her pupils widened in wonder, the eliptical blackness that marked her as Broken was gone, and then so was she.

As the foundation of Time’s Kingdom reeled at her discovery, there was no falling obstical that could slow her down, she was racing to Stop Time and Time could not Stop Her.

 Illyria leaped over broken marble, ducked under falling beams, and with a wave and a laugh she threw off the tide of screaming golden children that surged against her in panic.

Yvonne realized a moment too late what her sister was planning, and pushed against the tide as well, she slammed into the door just as Illyria-Coral closed it in her face.

 “Illyria? Coral? Aleese? ILLYRIA!” Yvonne pounded on the door, the carved plaquard above read Hall of Records.

“Oh come on Yvonne, pick a name and stick with it!” Illyria-Coral taunted from the other side.

 “Well now my cherished one, you are all of these names, I am just honoring-”

The former Broken One interupted her with her raucous laughter,

 “You do me no honor dear sister, but say what you will if it eases your conscience” she retorted as she scanned the shelves, the endless shelves of boxes, the boxes that held each Time Keeper’s personal records of their Time.

Her fingers were dancing over the many time capsules, she could feel that her’s was near, but Yvonne persisted from the wrong side of the door.

“Illyria, I don’t know what you think you are going to accomplish with this outburst (ouch) but you need to stop and consider what you are doing to the rest (DAMNIT!) of us…the whole Kingdom is collapsing..(shriek!) OPEN THIS DOOR NOW AND STOP THIS NONSENSE. I’ve been hit by one too many falling objects and you’re acting childish!”

When Yvonne got no response she pushed her ear to the door. There was silence.

The rest of the Kingdom fell to silence, all trembling ceased, those running for safety came to a stand still, falling precious gems suspended in mid-air, Time suspended for one hopeful moment, waiting. 

 “Aaaah, my beauty, I’ve found you at last” the whisper heard through the door,

The intake of collective breath heard from all of those not behind the door.

“Now where is the key to open you up?” Illyria seduces.

“No key? Playing hard to get now, Darling?” she continues to weave her word love spell on the ancient cherry red timber that holds all of her secrets, all of her everythings.

 It vibrates in response to her cooes, begins to shimmer with inner light-

 Yvonne involuntarily puts her palms to the door, as if the seduction is drawing her in as well, “It’s not possible” she thinks to no one but herself

 the sudden shock of sound that rocks the very bones of the Crumbling Empire

“ILLYRIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” a screaming plea from a loved one


“THWOK” as the axe first given to a Viking God cleaves the binary code pattern from the outer rim of the bleeding red wood 

                                                                                       In the Desert of Secrets a storm rages,

                                                         a woman called Coral falls to her knees

                                                         as a sound so loud makes her drop a

                                                          sacred ancient cane so she may 

                                                           cover her ears, another deafening

                                                                         crack soon follows,

                                                                            it splits the world 


“THWAK” the spirals are obliterated, a swatiska disinegrates…………                         


“It’s what I am UNDOING, dear sister” she whispers as she raises the axe again.


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