Time To Move On (bridge series finale)

Illyria knew that it was Time to keep her promise to Stephen.  She had shouted the vow when her box of secrets opened before the final blow, the glow from within was the aura of her heart’s desire. 

Finally and without fanfare, the bloodied and torn warrior surrendered, and she waited for her millions of years of records and memories to spill onto the sterling floor.  

The golden glow dulled to a burnished orange, and Illyria-Coral-Aleese peered into the box, it held nothing but a tattered picture. 

 It was an old photograph of two women and three children, circa 2009 in that world’s timeline.  She recognized herself immediately, the other woman was younger than she but bore a resemblance to Yvonne, and the children..

One woman-child, no more than fifteen, two smaller girl-childs less than eight between them, gathered around in a circle, all pointing to an object in the ground.  She flipped the photograph over and read the inscription;

“CJT and the girls/ Me and Alexa/ a funeral for a friend”

Illyria who would always be Aleese covered her mouth and let the picture float back into the chest, the diamond tears she cried showered the women in rainfall.  The memory was overwhelming and she struggled for breath, she bore a child once. Her child of Light and Grace.

Yvonne’s descendents, the child with the white golden hair. 

Intertwined for the Evers.


Afraid of what she would find, Illyria-Coral closed her emerald eyes, reached her hand into the chest, and found the final answer. 

Her laughter at her discovery gave pause to Brother Stephen and Sister Yvonne on the other side of the door, they thought she was joking with them, and she indulged their belief. 

They would never believe the real truth anyway, she was still in half disbelief when she closed the time capsule of her lives.

A black ostrich feather that was longer than her arm, golden ink, and three envelopes with parchment.

The envelopes were addressed to Her, PAST , PRESENT, FUTURE , her duty was to simply write the letters they would contain.

She sealed the envelopes and placed them inside the battered wooden chest along with the photograph, the feather and one ruby and one diamond tear.  When the chest closed it flared sunbright for an instant and closed forever.  It was simply a mailbox, and it would not return to sender.

Stephen evoked another promise from her before he left the Kingdom of Time, Yvonne still battered at the door badgering Illyria to come out and play.

The Time Keeper first known as Illyria who would be Coral and Aleese ran her fingers over the surface of the box one last time.  She found the cartoon face of her beloved Alligator, “Timekeeper” to some, Elvis to her once or twice, and with no regret she hefted the battle axe.

“Goodbye my love, someday we will laugh on this moment” she whispered as the metal cleaved his visage from her heart and from Time. 

Her cry of Pain would register in the Halls of Time’s many Kingdoms, a new note had been born that very instant. 

Stephen wept silently for her, and then smiled.  They would meet again.


“I’m COMING you HARPIE!” Illyria threatened Yvonne as she placed the box on the shelf. She kissed it once and then opened the whitely door.  She and her Sister had so much to laugh and fight about, she  just couldn’t wait any longer.


When the door had sealed shut the mailbox released the letters to be carried on the Augusts’ Winds of Time.  Whether they would reach their destination was given to the Fates, who always held council in the Septembers.



But that is a story for another Time, dear Readers.


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